Postpartum Reset

Postpartum Reset for All Bodies


You’re welcoming a baby during an intense time on the planet.

You’re making it through the ups-and-downs of this pandemic….while becoming a full-time caretaker….and maybe even working, too. You’ve waded through a quagmire of oppressive, gendered assumptions looking for safe, holistic alternatives for you and your babe. … and despite all that, you’ve persevered.

You may sense your sparkle and spunk right under the surface — it just needs some help to emerge. There is an affirming, doable, and effective way to restore your body, mind, and spirit postpartum!

But finding the support you need to heal and show-up fully during in the couple of years after having a baby an feel impossible.


On top of all that, you may just not feel sure about what it is you need. Not to mention the body-shaming, racist, cis-het, classist, and ableist assumptions in the postpartum / “mommy blog” space. (I could pile on the rampant cultural appropriation in this space, but that’s quite enough, no?)

You’ve persevered through it all, but what you really want (and deserve) is to thrive. Imagine having:
  • The energy you need to take care of yourself (in addition to all the other beings you care for).
  • Deep, restful sleep
  • A calm, uplifted, grounded mind (most of the time!)
  • Easy digestion that you don’t have to think about
  • A sex drive
  • An affirming, solid plan to guide you through, and;
  • And a rad community of parents to share your journey with.

The vibrant you that wants to show-up for this new phase of parenthood-amidst-pandemic deserves this. 

You CAN BE supported to access your body’s wisdom and restore your sleep, mood, digestion, sex drive, and energy levels. And you can do all this in community with supportive folks who love and inhabit all kinds of bodies, will ask your pronouns, and understand that allyship is a practice, not a title.

Who’s the Reset for?

The Reset is for all of your baby’s grownups, no matter how they came into your life! It’s for people with real bodies, who identify anywhere along the gorgeous gender spectrum, and whose families come in all different styles. It’s for those who believe that being a parent doesn’t mean you have to let go of feeling well.

Join a vibrant, dynamic group of peer-parents using Chinese Medicine to rejuvenate their bodies and minds after the incredible feat of welcoming a life (or two or three!) into the family.

Postpartum Reset

This experience offers you:

  • a different acu-phototherapy protocol every month for 8 months
  • 10 instant-download videos offering Chinese medicine wisdom to lift your mood, energy levels, and sex drive
  • + 2 live, group Q&A sessions
  • a rad community of parents to share your journey with on a private forum
  • the flexibility to continue or cancel after your first, or your fifth (!) month

All designed to help you regain your sparkle. Completely on your own time.

8 Painless, Acu-Phototherapy Protocols.

Using phototherapy patches, we will address one imbalance per month:

Mood (anxiety/depression),
Energy levels,
Sex drive, and…
getting you back into your gorgeous body.

2x/month Live, Group Sessions

to ask your burning questions and build community with other rad parents

10 Instant-Download Videos

with Chinese medicine basics to foster wellness from today forward

Suggestions for safe, effective, and easy-to-find herbal remedies

for areas you need extra support in

What is acu-phototherapy? 

Just like the sunlight kicks-off biochemical changes that produce Vitamin D, phototherapy patches reflect infrared light back into our bodies to naturally balance Qi in your meridians. With phototherapy patches placed on acupuncture points, you can tap into the power of Chinese medicine from home. Contactless, painless, and on your own time.

Is there medicine in the patches?

Nope. The patches are dipped in a mixture of sugars, water, and oxygen that reflect the infrared light from your body back into the point the patch is on. Nothing goes into your bloodstream.

How do I get the patches?

Sign up for the PostPartum Reset For All Bodies and we’ll send you a kit with all the patches you need for the first month and every month you’re subscribed.

Who is this Reset for?

All the parents and caregivers are invited! Gestational and non-gestational, single parents, co-parents, fostering and/or adoptive parents. In the first three years of your babe’s life.

When does it start?

It starts whenever you sign up!

Once you sign up, begin with the first protocol and stick around for as many months as you like. There are 8 months of topics to work through, starting with stress and anxiety, then moving on to increasing energy levels, improving sleep, regulating digestion, and more.

Pay for your first month and then stay on for 2, 3, or all 8! You can cancel your subscription before the start of the next month.

Queer Mama, Philadelphia, PA

“Rebecca deeply transformed my first prenatal, birth and postpartum experience through her expansive understanding and application of chinese medicine and intuitive sense of emotional care. I was two months pregnant when covid hit and frantically sought out virtual health support…she has been a beacon of support and nourishment throughout my postpartum time and I feel amazing in my body and relationships with my new baby and family. As a bonus, my severe chronic back pain disappeared after our first four sessions together, which is a miracle since I had spent 15 years and thousands of dollars to relieve this pain. I would recommend Rebecca to literally everyone.”


Monthly Subscription

see how the Reset works for you (month-to-month)!

1 Acu-Phototherapy Protocol/Month

+ All the Patches You Nneed

1-2 videos/month Offering Chinese Medicine wisdom on the topic we're working with (managing stress and anxiety, boosting energy levels, and sex drive, etc.)

Curated, easy-to-access herbal recommendations

Postpartum recovery practices served-up on a Queer-inclusive platter!