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Holistic Pediatrics

Does your child need a holistic pediatrician, a naturopath, or a therapist?

You’re watching your child struggle and don’t know where to turn. It’s starting to impact your mental health and, if you’re being honest with yourself… the whole family.

You feel more and more confused with every Google search.

Your pediatrician either says there’s nothing wrong or offers meds. You’re watching your baby or child struggle physically and emotionally and it hurts.

Is a holistic pediatrician the right fit for your teen or child?

You want to work with a practitioner who really listens, collaborates with you, and uses holistic approaches to help your child have better mental and physical health. Even though you’re trying your best, you don’t feel like the best parent right now.

You want to work with someone that you can trust who knows their stuff. You need to have ease-of-access to your practitioner so your child can get the care and support they need. And you’re not talking about being on hold on a triage line.

The Difference Between a Holistic Pediatrician and a Holistic Pediatric Specialist

My name is Rebecca Francesca Cariati. I’m a licensed acupuncturist, an herbalist, and a parent with specialized training and experience in Chinese medicine pediatrics. Holistic pediatrics utilizes a powerful combination of:

  • acu-phototherapy patches (a painless way to stimulate acupuncture points at home),
  • herbs (that they’ll take),
  • body-neutral food guidance, and;
  • somatic exercises and movement recommendations

…together in a customized plan built for your child. We do not provide primary care.

I check in with families weekly to make sure their questions and concerns are addressed. During these sessions, I listen with respect and intention to both you and your child. This level of presence simply isn’t available from most holistic pediatricians.

For 1,000 years, children and young adults across East Asia have used this medicine to address virtually every form of pediatric illness. Including:

  • Treating ADHD without medication
  • Pediatric ASD
  • Anxiety in children and teens
  • Depression in children
  • Child behavior problems
  • Sleep disorders in children
  • PTSD in children
  • Pediatric trauma and C-PTSD
  • Recurring illness
  • Childhood asthma
  • Bedwetting
  • Pediatric Allergies
  • Skin conditions in children
  • Headaches in children and teenagers
  • Natural remedies for teenage menstrual cramps, and more.

Parents often describe our work together as revelatory and empowering.

Their kid’s seemingly unrelated symptoms share a root cause, afterall! And, when we address the root cause, their child’s life changes in major ways.

More loving and kind behavior, using their words (not hands), less anxiety and increased ability to self-regulate, an easier time getting to sleep. Less frequent illness, better appetite, less OTC and prescription medications for pain… And on and on.

Holistic Pediatrics treats the root cause (instead of covering it over) and transforms not only your child’s reality, but the whole family. My clients often say that our work gives them their child back.

Your customized care plan, together with my guidance, gives you the tools to finally support your kiddo the way you want to. Now, understanding how to support them, you get to be the parent they need you to be.

If you want to support your child’s particular brand of “them-ness” to come through and you’re ready to be in a totally different place, book your Curiosity Call. A close collaboration with your child’s provider is possible.

Today my 7 year old asked me, “Did you just put an acupuncture patch on me? Cause I feel so calm.” Rebecca has introduced Chinese Medicine to my kiddo in such a gentle and supportive way. It has helped M in her work of connecting her emotions to her body sensations and naming the type of support she needs.

-Queer-adjacent parent

Holistic Pediatrics