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Holistic Pregnancy Care

It took so much to get here. Months of sperm donor shopping, changing your routines, balancing your hormones, multiple IUI attempts, meds, and finally success with a trigger shot or after moving on to IVF. It’s been a ride. With the physical and emotional energy to get here, you thought that BFP (big fat positive) meant you’d arrived! But no one told you how hard it was going to be… 

Holistic Pregnancy Care Sees All Of You

You wanted to like being pregnant, you wanted to ride this wave of Queer, pregnant mermaid (or mer-they) vibes and float into a new phase of life as a rad parent to a cute little button. You wanted to like this pregnancy but all you want to do is vomit, sleep, yell at your partner, cry, or eat the weirdest things.

You love your (homebirth) midwife or birth center, but you need more

They say, “It’ll get better!” But your heartburn is raging, you can’t eat a full meal, your hips are killing you, and all this and more is waking you up at night. And you can’t get comfortable. Every emotion feels so big. You’re struggling with the changes in your body and mental health (I mean, you want your partner to either go away or snuggle you and never let go). You feel bad about how you’re reacting to them and other dear ones and you want to turn things around, but you wonder if it’s even possible.

You want to remember why you wanted this baby so bad in the first place.

Holistic Pregnancy Support That Complements Your (Homebirth) Midwifery or Birth Center Care

My name is Rebecca Francesca Cariati (they/them), and I’m a Queer, non-binary acupuncturist and herbalist (and parent) offering gender-affirming telehealth for LGBTQ+ pregnant people.

Together, we take a look at how pregnancy is impacting you, and come up with a plan to relieve those symptoms so you can live your life.

Using herbal medicine, somatic exercises, and “Health At Every Size” food guidance, I help you tap back into the feelings that led you to get pregnant in the first place. 

Our work gives you back the capacity to dream into the joys, and the beauty of building Queer family. And it builds upon the close and kind care you’re receiving from your (homebirth) midwife or birth center provider.

If you want to find your way back to your intentions for your pregnancy and feel well again in your changing body, contact us today.

Rebecca deeply transformed my first prenatal, birth and postpartum experience through their expansive understanding and application of chinese medicine and intuitive sense of emotional care. I was two months pregnant when covid hit and frantically sought out virtual health support. Our work with the acu-phototherapy patches and personalized herbal medicine smoothed out essentially every prenatal symptom I was dealing with. They taught my partner acupressure points which he used during labor which were game changing. And they have been a beacon of support and nourishment throughout my postpartum time and I feel amazing in my body and relationships with my new baby and family.  As a bonus, my severe chronic back pain disappeared after our first four sessions together, which is a miracle since I had spent 15 years and thousands of dollars to relieve this pain. I would recommend Rebecca to literally everyone.

— Queer Mama, Philadelphia, PA

Holistic Pregnancy Care